Alliance of intellect, or control of the collective, how do we progress?

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I was made member of this as a child. Made, I did not apply or request it. I have never been employed in a way that one would expect to be acceptable for a member of such a limited club. My entire adult life was spent in the dark, literally. I worked anywhere food or drink was served. From 5 Star catering for politicians to the dirtiest, hardest rock clubs, I watched the people. I listened, I learnt. I roamed, left my country behind, met the world. I watched political policies, but never got involved. I met religions as should be done, personally, by befriending people of other religions, who , as do we, share much of their own religion simply through hospitality. These, open hearted, open minded people will mostly agree that religion is for the heart, politics for the mind and hands . I love films, but was never a big TV fan. I watched it all, but stayed in the dark, and never spoke of my own personal understandings . Music I love, the pure unlimitedly varieties available. So mass produced pop music with their designed artists were questionable. Newspapers were good to read the sports, find some information, jobs and such, but I never trusted them, simply because the truth is and can only be the truth, it will and cannot multiply itself into different variations, it's explanations can . The simple fact that every newspaper has either a different truth entirely , or a varied mutation of the truth, not the single clear definition of the truth, repeated by all, as in say a sporting result, can only mean one of two things . That all newspapers are sharing untruths, or that some of them are, but are being fought by the rest with untruths against the truth. A simple mathematical attack . Spread more lies than the truth, a lot more. Welcome Anonymous, digital bearers of the truth. Our battle has been a long one, much much longer than you or I can perceive. I myself, am not digital. I no longer own a computer , my suspicions of the internet were as it seems, well founded and my contact to the digital world only decreased with my habitat and lifestyle . Yet, I always remember in my own way, I have been, and am still watching, listening and hiding in the darkness of anonymity. Here is where I have started my stand. Here is where I am now looking for allies. I have much to share, for most, too much . I have a theory, a plan, that has been the centre of my concentration for well over a decade now. It has the capability of influencing or affecting every single aspect of social life as we know it. I have based this entirely upon what I think the entire human race could be like if we based our belief upon intelligence to be the sole core and reasoning of our existence. MENSA, the top 2% of the population, or only 2% of the known highly intelligent people. The findings here based upon results of a controlled IQ test. How many of you have heard of this organisation? How available do you think this IQ test is? As with the PCR tests, the more tests made will naturally give more results. The only way for the human race to progress past this point of it's evolution is now an intellectual or mental one. We will not suddenly physically mutate. Our society must be restructured around two things, our children and the best education they can possibly receive. Finding those that meet membership acquirements but slipped through the net, find the best in every single child. Then, and only then will our race be able to see the light on the horizon. If all is structured around children and their education, then enters an aspect, a tool, lost by most adults, uncorrupted innocence, seeing the basic truth without being biased due to a sustained addition of information throughout the course of an adult life. 

The strongest difference between good and bad, the singularity of innocence is comparable to the same singularity of truth, thus to the natural multiplicity of corruption in all of its forms, from the very first time you find yourself needing to question the validity of information presented to you because there can be only one truth, no more, no less, to questioning and even changing shared public social views, to down outright devious and manipulative politics and it's tools. From the corruption of light from a dirty window to the corruption of wanton deceit.

To solve any problems that our society or environment is suffering from, without the clear sight of innocence, the true definition and solution may not be visible due to the steady, continuos corruption of the human mind. A constant process of repeated updates and additions to the mass of influence and information simply burying the truth and blocking it's light so that nobody can see it. 

I am not against religion, religion for the heart is an extremely beneficial process to a human being, adding the latest biological discovery that our hearts contain the exact same cells as does our brain, only strengthens this theory . Mentally, imagine what may come of allowing the innocents learning together of all religions simply as different variations of a lost truth, but not the singularity known as the truth. How long before religions begin to fuse, become a singular religion of the heart for all who live freely? Personally I believe religions are not that which we perceive them to be. Some say that there is only one God, others have many. If gods exist, then for me they are all family, under the one true God, the singularity of faith, free of corruption, and our role in religion is not that of belligerent follower but that which best suits out natural mental state seen most clearly in the innocents, that of query, free of added corruption, we should be questioning it. We give religion the singularity known as belief. And yet we have so many. Should we be searching for something, as do we with every other aspect of our lives? Are all of these religions simply,as we are, pieces of a puzzle only visible with innocence or the completed image? The notion that we should accept, trust and follow such restrictions as religion, without first questioning everything is in complete contrast to that of the innocents, it is not a natural state of being, but an educated one.

I cannot believe in racism, the only race in our lives starts at birth and ends with death. The rest is only difference . Many, many differences. What is it that leads a person to such a mistrust of difference? A collective. How does a collective thrive? Without order, it does not thrive, but like weeds in a garden, grows wildly, randomly. As do open hearted, open minded people, spreading, seeing, listening, mixing, communicating , in extreme contrast to the blind hatred of the racist, cornered and trapped in these views, under the control and order of the recognised collective. 

I am not against progress, yet without this innocence lost, how many mistakes have been made? How many barbaric atrocities committed? Yet would progress not be improved if we had access to the entire human resources available based upon the talents of the individual being educated and tuned rather than basing all that we know and do upon so few of us? 

How could progress advance uf all aspects of social life were involved in education? Just imagine this, how much money us spent on study by commerce, sciences anything? Paying persons to solve certain problems. Two simple benefactors. Now restructure, all are involved in paying, supporting education, all have access to the intellectual results of all innocents, a necessary step to take if we want every innocent to find the best way of progress through life based upon his own, personal intellect. How much can be relearnt, remembered, highlighted or seen by the light of innocence that will be advantageous ? 

Finance. How can we progress with a financial system based upon accumulation? How can finance help progress if it's basic design is to be amassed and hoarded? Could we even construct a life without it? Here all we can do is take what we have, and use it. World Debt, the world does not belong to anybody so it cannot be indebted to anybody. Only finance can. All currencies should belong to the collective of nationality, their financial trades should benefit first the collective society, who should strive to reach of collective progress and prosperity. Through this move alone, many taxes will disappear . The power of the bankers over society through commerce must be loosened and restructured. If all are equally successful with their own private progress through life, they will be prosperous, this prosperity will still bring them profit . They should be there to aid the progress,not own it. Copyright laws must be abolished. They serve only to protect ownership, a financial state of being, thus adding the financial benefits of copyrighting to simply hinder and block many forms of progress. 

There are many different ways to go forward, which is the true path? That singularity that guides you yourself through life? We are Homo Sapiens, sapient beings of intellectual intelligence . It is time we started to understand this truthfully and act towards the singularity of a Human Race successfully cohabiting this earth and hopefully many more . Corruption cannot be undone, but acknowledged. The innocents, the children and their education us that that will have this power, if we give them the best torches to bear in the unknown darkness of progress. Their very own intelect, not tinted, corrupted light of a collective . 

There is more, so much more that we can possibly do. And we can. Their very own system allows corruption wants it. All you must ask yourself is this, politics giving a clear definitive truth , would people follow ut? What is thus clear truth? This clear singularity of truth within politics? The truth, all if the truth and nothing but the truth. 

We now hold for the first time in my knowledge, the capabilities to acquire and present the singularity of truth with all of it's versions, meanings, free of corruption against a corruption of progress called politics.

Are you thinking yet?