Polish way to understand ACTC/ACTA

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This is a pretty long text for NON POLISH about historical dependencies why polish people are really sensitive for any form of censorship.

For us (Poles) is cleary and completly understand but i know that other western coutrys can't understand our way of thinking.

From the begining.

In 1945 was sacrifice in Jalta to stop 2nd WW madness and give Stalin price for beat Nazi.
In our contry we call it tresone from our alliec but i understand fact west don't have any doubt about it just becaouse Soviet Union in fact beat Nazi in Warsow (they wait when the Warsow Upriseing gonna be crush by Nazists cuz was made by 100% any soviets polish resistance movment). But in fact...fuck it.

From 1945 to 1989 Poland was under Soviet Union domination. What's the deal ?
U see, when Soviet Union want to hold all of them territories they need a way to control people cuz they can't start THINK about S.U like about something wrong, sometning what in fact just  exloits them to the limit.

We allready all know what a BEST way to create reality is right ? OFC ! TV and radio.

Polish people after 2nd WW (and want just to tell u Poland return on the map after 123years of German, Austria and Russian ocupation in 1918 so we was INDEPENDENED to 1939 so 21y) was extremly poor but slowly we try to rebuild our contry (and give our resorces to russians in same time, but u know..in fact we was just a colony).
In 1956 to our homes slowly enter a "Wisła" (name of longest river in Poland) first TV set produced in Poland, and that was beginig of program the polish minds.  (OFC first tv stations in poland was made in 1937 but...that was 2y before a war so i dont includ that)

Russians censorship was genious, we had "polish" govermmant fully subordinate to Moscow so according to the guidelines of the superios "polish" govermmant created a full propaganda tool agnist they own coutry.
In radio and TV poles can hear only about HELP from Russia, how WONDERFULL is be under SOVIET protection cuz "bloodtristy capitalism" in France, German, UK and other wester courtys just mordering they citizens, exploiding society and make horrific famines.

1956, Poznan - Cuz of loans polish govermmant rise taxes for 300%, which resulted in a immorally high price of food as a consequence of what starving people start to protest. Communists (polish govermmant) brought tanks, army and bloodily suppresses protest. What propaganda said ?

"Poznan focused all the attention of imperialist centers, because the point was to make Poznan, the city of the International Fairs and during fairs, a place of riots. There is probably no one naive not to know it. There are no cases in such things. The enemy tried to do its best. so take advantage of the dissatisfaction of some workers and employees of Poznań, caused by the difficult material conditions of the working population, especially workers. Because it is known that these conditions are not what we would like them to be "

What about censorship? Even if u never heard of any polish heroes u undoubtedly heard about "SOLIDARNOŚĆ". In shor, Solidarność was a huge nation movment agnist soviet opression.  They start like everything else. Few guys just start to loud and bold discover the lies of propaganda. SB (Security Service of the communist party) start to invigilate, hunt and down activists of Solidarność, arested have to sign a "loyality papers".
All of them was described as a terrorist, any-polish activist send from west to destroy Poland.

That's why we trully HATE censorship, HATE fake informations, HATE any attempts to CHECK informations.
We know how that's tools ALWAYS HAVE to leed to censorship.

That's all from me.

Wish u all good day !