A Ghost out of her Shell

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An Anonymiss Notices...
Following and tracking Weather Warfare, Covid, and the 'ringing' of our Mother Earth through tremors and seismic activity.

I havent journal'd or "Blogged" in years... like since before LJ (Live Journal) was sold to the Russians. However, that has to change now.

2020 is a year that has blinsided many. Myself included. I am not proud to say that I was one of the many who carried out my life in moderately peaceful existance. I slipped into a comfortable bliss (such as it was but honestly it sucked) and allowed myself to believe that "Hard work" pays off and if you "do your best" and "show your worth", people will ultimately look up to you and respect you and you can accomplish Great things.

What a bunch of shit.

I will go into my background randomly in future posts I am sure but I will begin by stating this. Conspiracy Theories are only theory until they are proven to be fact. After that, while there may be a conspiracy, that doesnt mean its not true and it doesnt mean you will not be affected. I will never ask you to blindly believe what I post. If you dont believe me - Do the research and then make your judgement. In fact, I highly encourage it. Frankly I have no reason to lie. I am not getting anything out of this other than an outlet so I dont drive my loved ones crazy. I live my life on facts. Factual accounts. Things I witness myself. So at any time possible, I will include raw data on how I came to these facts.

So lets just jump right in, shall we?

It has been less than 24 hoours since there has been a mass censorship on Twitter. This could be due in part to the over 32K accounts that were disclosed to their archive of information operations... but I dont know and I will not even pretend to know the reason. All I know is its happening and people are losing followers, being suspended for no reason, ect.. So THAT'S happening.

Another thing I want to touch on is people who do factual research have been seeming to vanish the past 72 hours. Thier Youtube and Twitch Livestream channels are being censcored. These are people who not only share the info but they teach others how to research and document as well. One who posts daily usually.. sometimes multiple times a day, seems to have gone silent for 72 hours now. He has been tracking the DEW and earthquakes and fires while live. All of the sudden he is silent and his videos are being removed and his last tweet was a request that his data be saved by his followers.

I dont do live streams... if I do, ever... than it will be because I feel threatened. So I am just putting this out there now.

I will leave you with this bit - I have suspisions that Covid is linked to the chem trails that have been polluting our skies. Recently there is an uptick in cases and I am going to get the screenshots and follow the rise in cases in areas that may have been affected.

Below is a link to Live tracking weather and radar. You dont have to use this one, but I find it the most useful. Also, if you adjust the contrast and put in a little effort, You will be able to see the usage of the Direct Energy Weapons that have been linked to the mass fires and even hurricanes and cyclones.


I am also including a link that has not been removed from Youtube (YET) of the DEW that you can tell is obvious and I encourge anyone interested to follow this person.