Physical-, biological- and digital identity authentication fused all in one?

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The great reset into Industry 4.0 by merging man with machine with fused physical-, digital- and biological multi-factor identity authentication-challenge sets using blockchains that use human movement to power a crypto-payment system.

Here is a big question about identity authentication: I came across a wacky article that reports about the scary plan to fuse physical-, biological and digital identity into one:
First I thought that beats completely my own research work into multi-factor identity authentication as per the 2 papers linked to below:
Here is also a link to a very nice PhD thesis where those 2 papers linked to above form Chapter 4 (just to understand the context):
My concrete question pertains to how the physical- and biological factors could be integrated in addition to digital aspects into a multi-factor identity authentication protocol such as Authcoin. Does anybody have an answer to this question? May I also add here this Microsoft patent for good measure that wants to merge the concept of blockchains with the human body as well?
This really brings together quite an amazing picture about what is possible in the future. My question is how all of that can be done concretely beyond some wacky and entertaining conspiracy visions?