Our Ultimate Battle must be against our enemies strongest weapon

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What is their strongest weapon really? Can we attack it or defend ourselves and humanity against it?

Everywhere we currently look, we see it.

Within Everything we hear, it is to be heard.

Our each and every action is undermined by it.

Human beings are divided through nationality, religion, race, colour, creed, politics and personal tastes and likes with this.

Our natural state of being, homo sapien, as part of the natural bio diversity of this planet, is being hidden and perverted by it.

What is it? This , the mightiest of weapons?

You are looking at it now. Directly.

Language. The written word.

Politicians lie  . Every Religion that is not your own is wrong. Foreigners are different to us. Foreign nations are a threat to us. Society. Criminals. Terrorism. Anarchy. War. Economics. The Economy.

All of these will be constantly heard of, read and be readily found in that which is, has been or will be said by politicians.

One of the social traits of the well educated person is that of the ability to understand the power and meaning of quotation. The capacity to recall that which was once said or written, the capability of understanding it, and the power of knowledge to comprehend the use of it's true meaning. 

Whereas, that which is extremely clear and readily accessible to such an extent that it can be impossible to avoid is the opposite. The controlled dismantling of knowledge amongst the populations and societies. This operation is so large, so far reaching that it is beyond our scope, it is out of our sight, it is invisible and thus believed to be non existent by it's victims.It is a scheme to bring about a much lesser educated populae separated from an educated elite.  Again. 

Yes, yes I hear the binaries of the collective already forming conclusions and answers. But is that notion representing itself to the collective intellect based upon the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

The written word is apparently that which separates us from all other living beings on this planet. That which has deemed us to believe that we are all that is important upon this planet. It is not new. There are hundreds of active languages, maybe thousands, there are just as many languages that have been lost or those from which no members of those societies have survived and the knowledge needed to understand them has been lost . Not all languages are the same. Other than the obvious national based differences like English,French or Swahili, we have different grammatical structures. We have different alphabets  . We have languages that do not use the written letter compounds to form words, but the interconnectable pintograms , like Chinese . Some  read from left to right. Not all though, Arabic reads from right to left, Chinese from top to bottom. 

They have been around for thousands of years. So long that the English language I am presently using can be compared chronologically to the conception and following birth of the child that grew to be me by my parents more than fifty years ago, and me putting the full stop at the end of this sentence, using the time it took to press a screen and insert the grammatical icon of a full stop as one unit of time. And the importance of it being the full stop previously inserted is because languages live, they evolve, they are born, the become unused, they disappear or as is said, become lost  . But contrary to the written descriptive, they never die. Those that use and understand them die.

Yet without it, what would we be? Is it at all imaginable? Human beings without the written word? Of course this has existed. It is the origin of folk lore, legends and much more. Coming from an era when knowledge of the written word was not common, but a rarity available only to those with power. 

Each and every sentence written can be understood differently by those reading. Languages like Arabic that rely greatly upon the collective of words to form a single meaning, even more so. Take that which I have just written as an example, " a rarity available only to those in power ". What does this mean exactly? I can almost see my old English teacher underlining it with a comment like " definition! ".

Ever since we have known the written word to exist, there were different uses and forms of it. Prose for example. Literature, poetry, songs, tales, fables  and legends. An artistic use of the language full of puzzles to be solved and understood  . Then the official language, apparently clear and precise to be found in laws for example. Precise to such an extent that we have entire professions and  separated segments of society especially invented  to use and control these words, lawyers.

Yet when teaching the truest meanings and definitions of a language, we do not turn to the language in it's purest form, that used in law. We turn to prose, to literature, to understand the true diversity of our languages. Description, detail, comparisons, oxymorons and much much more. Those who have studied literature cannot do so without first having studied the language well, grammar, the importance of spelling, verbs and tenses, and so on. It is a furtherment of learning, even though we use it daily. This is literature that I am now conceiving, anybody can read and understand it. But do they possess the necessary power of knowledge to fully understand and use it?

I have many favourite quotes, historical, political, humorous, poetical. Basically if you have read or heard something and remembered those exact words, it is a quotation  . We see politicians on tv, online, real and fantasy all of the time, how often do you hear the words "And I quote" ? 

Yes the written word is beautiful, it is strong, it is immensely diverse and it is ancient.

So why then should we consider it to be the strongest weapon of our enemy? Not a tool or weapon we both have?

I mentioned the lies, hypocrisy and so forth that we all have heard about when politics and politicians are under discussion. Let us take a closer look using the recent event of covid19. This has been a whirlwind helkerskelter ride of information. More than any society in our commonly known history has ever had at it's disposal. With something like Google and YouTube is education really necessary for all? Information can be found instantly, from how to boil an egg to the intricate mathematical designs of time and relativity. Video demonstrations available in such a form that one can simply 'own' a copy, control how often, how fast or slow it is displayed and simply copy whatever is being shown, without training or complete knowledge of the subject. We have something that is called news, an officially presented parable of events and actions in our world. What has language gifted us from this covid scenario? New words maybe? Fake news, misinformation, covidiot and more. Over this extremely short period of time, less than one year, less than 12 months, less than 365 days we have seen it on the news everywhere, covering and effecting everything. Yet the facts, the stories the causes and reactions have not been clear at all. They have changed more times than I have fashion and tastewise in my life. We have something being presented to us, experts, those that must be believed because of their knowledge alone. Never their wisdom. We see a battle of knowledge being clearly battled out all around us. Doctors, scientists and lawyers fighting against the status quo of present governmental policies which have been based upon the testimonies of chosen specialists. A battle of knowledge, experience and the wisdom learnt from this against the laymen, persons of no such knowledge, experience or wisdom like politicians and a certain small group of individuals. The laymen basing their own actions and policies upon the words of experts they themselves have chosen, not the experts that have proven themselves. All of this using the written word, using languages. Conspiracy Theorists, antisocialism, fake news, misinformation. These in turn, those openly sharing their experience based wisdom, and reaching conclusions contrary to the laymen's specialists are being directly attacked with censorship and laws  . Censorship, a very fine line, it can be for the good and the bad. Good censorship as far as I am concerned is that of film age censorship. Informing a viewer of how much violence, profoundaties and verval abuse is to be found within the subject matter. Clearly understandable and acceptable  .Then we have that other censorship, that which we are now witnessing and experiencing  . A censorship of knowledge. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google all deciding for themselves what is true or false, what are you allowed to know, allowed to share, allowed to write? Who decides this? Who knows the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Omnipresent, omnipotent, omnisentient,

these words are not part of your daily life. You will never use them in common conversation. Many will not even know their meaning. They're dictionary words. They are normally found in relation to gods, a being that can see everything, is all powerful, no power greater can be found in existence, they know everything that there is to be known. Yet here we have this sudden censorship. It's hipocrisy is so blatant that we have the person responsible for building the tool of computer language and the internet being followed and used because of his knowledge about a viral infection, a biological viral infection over the combined knowledge reached by professional experience of biologists and scientists. A computer specialist, mathematician, binary codes against extremely well studied, trained and experienced biologists, chemists and physicists that have acquired the title and position of doctor, then earnt further titles and experience through practice creating wisdom. The tools used in this process? Google, Facebook, the WWW-World Wide Web. That which the computer specialist designed, built, owns and controls. Why him? Because he became the richest man in the planet and he himself decided to start making vaccines, so it is accepted. Remember, how illegal is it to imitate a doctor? Practice medicine without a license? How many laws and rights exist just because you want yo see a doctor, or need surgical help? The hypocrisy that the mathematical computer geek should thus be treated as a biological specialist over fully trained, experienced biologist specialists when dealing with a biological virus is yet again so unimaginably large that it is rendered invisible .

So where is the exact weapon? This written word? I've highlighted uses, but weapons? Manipulation is one  . The art of altering a reaction or meaning in order to get a desired result, not based upon truths but upon desires. The common uses of the phrases conspiracy theorist, fake news and specialists are a few  . But this is just the infantry. This is the knowledge with which we are being bombarded, blinded, confused. The real weapons, the most effective weapons are always those kept more secret from the enemy. They rely on precision, on stealth, on effectiveness  . They can be seen openly and regularly by those who can simply understand. Law, politics, the entertainment industry, social media. This is where their presences or omissions are most effective. Wherein lies their true power. I am no longer talking of the titles and descriptions mentioned above. These are the big red flags constantly fighting for your attention, blocking your views. Being held by the largest arm of any militant force, the footsoldier, the infantry. I talk now of those single minute actions that determine event's from the depths, alter the courses chosen with the slightest prod, invisible to the normal eye. The definition of a word, the importance of the use of pronouns, tenses and grammar. These minute words lost in translation, lost to abbreviation, driven from popular knowledge and culture. They control the narrative, they define the law. Their abuse is the special forces of their mighty forces. 

Ok, sounds complicated, it sounds legal, it sounds like something from an encyclopedia, a dictionary will be needed. Wrong, oh so very wrong! Let's look at a very simple 3 letter word of our English/American language shall we. 


What is it? What does it mean? Is it a noun, a pronoun, an adjective or a verb? Like a multitude of words within our language, it is both a noun and a verb. A metal cylindrical container for storing foods or beverages, a can of beer, canned foods like a tin of beans. A container or vessel for specific use like a watering can, to carry and disperse water to the plants you grow .

As a verb is is intensely important. It is one of the first verbs you master, can I have this? Can I do this? Can we play ? can you do it? Go on , try!

A simple, beautiful word. Yet it's abuse, it's misuse is where we must look.

Have you never really asked yourself why we need so many lawyers? So many laws? Why television, films, tv series novels and games even are so full of lawyers, legality, crime and police? What is a law? How are they made? Who makes them and why? Does anybody control those who make these laws? Do we need laws or so many of them? Let us be honest with eachother. How often do you break the law? Is it the same as breaking the rules? Lieing is wrong, is telling a white lie to protect somebody the same as using a lie to purposely deceive someone? Is this then breaking the law or the rules? Which laws do we mean? Criminal law? Military law? Common law? Then there are those laws designed solely for economic purposes, for when you want to make money. Employment laws, tax laws, copyright laws and so forth. Those who successfully break economic laws do so for financial gains,to make even more money.  There come then the regulations to this little party. Is a regulation then a law, a rule or something different? My definition would be a set of guidelines, with set accountable measurements, under protection of the law, meaning that breaking of these can lead to prosecution. 

Did you see it?

Not something you would break when  in the pub, or out with friends, at home or driving down the street. We have the religious Christian commandments, Shiite law, the Jewish laws controlled and judged by the Rabbi as sn integrated part of their religion. Would you murder somebody? What about covet something that is not your own? He has a stunning wife, you get on really well, who knows what could happen an affair maybe? Covetting. It is against the Commandments but is it against the law, the rules or regulations? To know this is no longer based upon simple wisdom and conscience. It is now explicitly defined by law. Hundreds and hundreds of laws. So many that we need an army of lawyers. If you break a rule, are you then a criminal? What is a rule? A king may rule. Elvis Rules. Rules and Regulations.To measure a distance, your ruler at school, with your pens and pencils. You have to bend the rules, sometimes break them. We've all heard it . Before laws, we had rules. Basically there are things you don't do because of the bad or dangerous effects, reactions or consequences. Don't play with fire. Look twice before crossing the road. The offside rule in soccer, the one single step of a pawn in chess . These are rules too. Yet break them and you are not going to be a criminal. They are guidelinest define parameters within which to play fairly, or natural guidelines to help protect yourself from danger.

Which is where we find a second one, guidelines. 

Yet what is the dire weapon? I mentioned that sweet little word, can, how dangerous can that be? What about rules or guidelines? What exactly is a law, a rule, a regulation? What is the most basic and precise definition you can think of?

How about this one?

A grammatically precise set of sentences used to define social regulation and safety? 

What did I just write? What did you read and understand? What stood out the the most important part of this description? Social regulation and safety. 

No. Remember the small print.

Grammatically precise.

The use of the written language in it's purest most precise form. To build a control mechanism for society. Out of words.

Yes, we need a lawyer because there are do many laws, did you ever read one? Its not even in English. Thus the army of lawyers are needed. And here we come to our little friend, can, the verb. Google it. Look up any law you can think of, look for the verb 'can', you will find the word 'could'. He could have done it, yes, but innocent until proven guilty. Really? How about something being forbidden, prohibited by law because of something that could happen. A possibility of something happening. This is what a great deal of laws say, it is illegal to drink and drive because you could kill somebody. Preemptive legislation to prevent possible outcomes. Simple? No. Remember language? What do lawyers do? They know the laws, understand them and battle eachother using words. They are experts in their own language. A law may well prohibit something because of the danger it may cause, but innocent untill guilty simply means prove that the law hasn't been broken or is inapplicable. Never understood why the rich have a lawyer for everything? How the big companies get away with murder, yet the prisons are full of people that liked smoking a plant, could not afford a lawyer, needed yo eat, survive, fend for their families without any money? The written language has been finely tuned and abused to form laws. Laws controlled by individuals who understand these words and are trained in controlling and manipulating them  . That is one big set of artillery cannons that we all know about. 

What else?


Guidelines. We have this censorship, intellectual digital censorship as seen with Facebook and the tech giants. You all know it.

Banned for 30 days for breaking the community guidelines.

What do we have here? You have been banned, is it a punishment or a simple restriction? Is there a difference?For what reason? Breaking community guidelines...

Guidelines, ideas to hold on to, to follow, an aid to guide you on your way. Definitely not laws or regulations. More like relaxed rules . Community, what's that? A community is a socially inhabited area, where the inhabitants peacefully coexist. Can your so called page on a digital collective of millions of pages from every geological position imaginable then be described as a community? Or is it a club? Separate, this isn't much. Yet joined they are omnipresent, omnipotent.


Abuse. The world's definitions have been abused. You may now suffer reprisals from those in control for not following the guidelines. Your difference, uniqueness, altered or simply opposite views and beliefs have become the criminal acts for which this community will punish you. You are now liable for condemnation over the words you choose to write.

How is this happening to us? How are they getting away with it? Why is nobody angry against them, those using and abusing words to gain control over us? 


Laws apply words, and thus become powered weapons  . But what happens if you leave these words out? If words are omitted, taken away, withheld? What is the opposite of censorship? I bet few of you have ever heard that question. You see it, hear it every single day, nearly every minute you are awake. It even enters your dreams. Think of the old folk, grandpa, the old boy in the corner bar. How often have you heard this; what are they saying? films were different in my day, all of this swearing, pop music bah! Hip hop, rappers, that's not even English. Listen carefully, read the lyrics, compare then to now. You will be amazed. We have a screen idol, a film star, infamous for his use of a single word. A profanity, a swear word, motherfucker. We all know it well. Gramatically, somebody having sex with a mother, like the father for instance, now a deep profanity and regular part of the language. What about this word then?


Need I say more? 

The arguments will always come, language evolves, this is evolution. It's natural. Is it now?

Films, TV, pop music are all produced. It is a multi trillion dollar business. And as with every business, those that own the business earn the most, win the most and have the most power. But what does that mean? Where's the catch? Produced.

Somewhere up in  the high echalons of this industry are beings deciding on what will be produced,why and for how much. Think about it, every single film you see, have seen and will see. Every single song that isn't from an amateur band in  the local club. Every single minute spent watching your favourite tv programme. That Which you hear, see, understand is designed for a reason. Your participation in watching, buying or renting enforces the control and power held by those in control by form of their wealth. Yes but we have age limits censoring content do we not? And? Smokescreens. Whereas the earlier lies and hipocrisies were so large that they became invisible, these are being blatantly dangled Infront of you, these age restrictions are the fishing lures to drag you in.

Now if law is the use of perfect language where then is the omission I spoke of?

I spoke of literature, of poetry in the understanding of a language. Shakespeare, Keating, Wilde and so further  . Do children get taught this now at school? My son doesn't, neither did my brothers. Without this, discussion was never used. Discussion, talking about all the facts, the pros and cons of a topic. Not an argument, a heated volatile discussion to claim right against another person. Without these two cornerstones, when presented with a modern day action  film, with its uncomplicated plot, fucks, motherfuckers and slang, those watching will have nothing to compare it to. No selection of literature which then highlights the linguistic and grammatical weaknesses of these modern day prose. Very slyly, slowly but extremely effectively,the knowledge needed to fully understand a language has been simply ommitted. Left out. Withheld. It's fashoin, pop culture, kids what's wrong with that?

Everything! It is the furthering of ignorance. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge, nothing else. Withholding the intricate fine details of a language inhibits it being learnt  . A constant, over abundant produce of poor language, using slang, abbreviations, pop culture and profanities removes knowledge of the learnt language and replaces it with the much more commonly used popular variants. Through miseducation and professional production, common knowledge of the language is being destroyed. Without knowledge of the language, rules, laws and regulations become impossible to understand. Laws can then be passed for anything as long as the fine language is used. Laws will be obeyed because we are not criminals. The masses have been attacked with ignorance through the omission of words.

To finish off with ,a  thought to get you contemplating.

We have hundreds of nations. Millions of cities. Millions of communities. So why when politicians talk of law, of governing, of covid they talk of society.

A society.

One single society?

Which one are they talking about?