We Are What We Are, Or Are We?

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The deceitful abuse of words to hide the evil wolves amongst the sheep.

I remember, as a child, the board games the family played together. I can remember Monopoly and Risk above all. So called Strategy Games. So ,so many times, the last two standing on the board were my mother and I. Or I succeded in removing her from the game very early on and then won quickly, with a great deal of stress from my brothers. Something that still happened the last time we played together as adults. 

Then came computers! I remember the Acorn Apple at school, The Tandy, the Commodore at home. This was amazing. I simply loved them. I would be on them for so long that of course my parents pulled me away. This is when I started to understand what learning about myself was. Here we have a computer, my dreams all together in one box. All I had to do was step inside and follow the binary road. Yet to do so would hinder something else in me. I simply love nature and all life. Put me in front of a computer and I will stay there. I will be so intensely concentrated that it would appear that I am no longer there. This I now understand, it is something that I have learnt about myself. If something interests me, I have the capacity of concentrating with such intensity that my entire bodily functions shut down. I first noticed this when making myself a nice cuppa, cup of tea for those who don't know, then taking a sip whilst looking out of the window. It was cold. I had been stood there, without moving for as long as it took boiled water to chill . When I told my mother this, she laughed, what? You've only just realised that you do that? As a child she would talk to me, but I would be sat there, eyes open, motionless, speeches. Then at some time later, suddenly reply to whatever she'd said,or asked as if she'd only just asked. Daydreaming is what some call it. I can not be the part of nature I feel I should be if I let myself get locked into this new digital world. A hard decision that made me abandon everything, run away from home, and spend as much time as possible hiding, burying my intelligence. I was probably one of the most highly intelligent barmen or waiters you'd ever found. But the nightlife, the drinking, the marijuana, all kept my intelligence at bay. Until of course video consoles came out. But these were mere games, so absolute concentration and being good at them was reasonably accepted.

Then also there's the family feud I started between my extremely religious grandmother and my parents. We lived abroad at that time. Everything was different, including the school and education. This particular school, my parents had to buy all of the necessary books before term started. Me, being a bookworm, read them all before school started. This caused teachers inviting my parents to school to complain. So Easter came, my parents gave me a child's encyclopedia. Heaven on earth! So when my extremely religious grandmother came to visit, asking us if we knew why Easter was celebrated, my actions and words were explosive. The Bible must be wrong or is lying because this is an encyclopedia, based upon scientifically proven facts, opening Genesis and comparing the two. A Hundred or so years earlier, I would have been exorcised or treated as insane. Then came the Vicar, who every Sunday afternoon would spend the afternoon at our house. Where my parents both shouted at me for arguing and were about to punish me for the henious crime of arguing with an adult and not doing as you're told. When the Vicar stopped them. This was the first time I heard about discussion. I was not arguing, but having a very strong religious debate with a vicar on such a high level that the others could not understand. It was the vicar that got me sent to have my IQ tested, me becoming a member of MENSA, and going to public school with a good scholarship fund.

These events are not in correct chronological order, the vicar was when I was 6, the Acorn I was already at the public school. Time here is irrelevant.

I left home when I was 16, I am now 50. I left my home country when I was 18, and have only ever returned to visit.

 So imagine how social media, Facebook, was! What an invention! Finding lost friends and family, at the mere touch of a button! But that was not all it did. Email had already existed of course. But these were correspondences, written for which a reply must be awaited, images, photos or videos were not easily sent or received. Suddenly I could catch something written by someone on FB and follow the Idea. Following words not people. 

Here we are again, with words.

In the eighties, when computing and electronic technology was making supposed leaps and bounds into the future, we had cinema! We had movies! Video cassettes video rentals. It was here that I found my love for a well made movie. A moving picture that paints more than a thousand words. It was also the time that I started to really notice how certain words were made into titles. And not all titles are good. 

Who remembers when Star Wars came out? We queued around the block for hours. My parents taking turns to go and get food or drinks. The whole event, the film itself was out of this world. The Dark Side, Rebels. These two titles are used so much more than any other title during the film. like the Light Side . Rebels in themselves are not new. History will show us. Anywhere where the people have arisen and fought against tyranny has been called a Revolution, the French Revolution, so it makes sense that Revolutions are fought by rebels does it not? Whereas in the fictional world of StarWars the rebels fight against the Dark Side, in France they fought against a clearly separated ruling tyranny of the French monarchy. Both just and fair causes to fight for. Yet your brain doesn't quite feel right does it? Something is amiss. Or so far from your own intellectual beaten path that you are already instantly blocking whatever it is that is to be understood here. Why do we take the title of Rebel as a negative? Rebel scum! The rebellious mobs! Why is our intellect trying to tell us that going against something that you do not trust, like, or believe to be wrong in itself, is bad? I'm not rebellious, I'm a good citizen, a good person, definitely not a rebel. But don't push me, I will stand my ground and fight for what I believe in. I will resist. The Recistance will survive. Resistance is futile! Which film was that? French Resistance Fighters of '44, were they any different to the French Revolution activists? What about the Arab and African states where there exhists a resistance movement against foreign intervention? These are no longer called resistance fighters as they were in Afghanistan when fighting the communist Soviet forces. They are now called terrorists because it is our forces , both military and capitalist, active upon their soils that they fight against. Words can form titles, the definition of a title can be changed. There are though, two such titles that are being unilaterally used against the common folk, against the normal man, against us. Two titles that were formed during this great age of the 80s. They, by definition, clear linguistic definition, are false, cannot be true. Their uses are much more than simply bias. Firstly, and it was even a movie title, Conspiracy Theorist. Get a dictionary, look at each word separately. Conspiracy, the act of conspiration, to conspire. To gather with others in order to further, raise your knowledge and wisdom. It is not a coincidence that that tall spiky thing rising to the skies of churches was called a Spire. A sign of man's intellectual prowess, reaching for the heavens of God with his architectural successes. From the conspiring of worksmen came the resulting towers of success, that which stood alone above all else, take away the contributions leaving the end product, all alone, conspire - con =spire.

A very very good thing. Something we should all do. Meet up with others to learn more about that which we know and do not know. To seek wisdom.

Theory. This word has many many forms. Your driving license. Remember how you got it? Learning all of the different signs and rules for a test, and the actual physical driving lessons and tests? Theory and Practical were they not called. What about school? A theory became different things at once. The Theory of Evolution. Einstein's Theory of Relativity. It became an Idea that proved the existence or inexistence of something. At university, you no longer wrote mere exams, you had to provide a thesis. Your own theory about something. Very important aren't they, theories? Help us explain the inexplicable, help us understand the incomprehensible. So a theorist is somebody that likes defining things in an educated way using theories.

Yet for some reason, adjoining these words to form the title of Conspiracy Theory has given us something bad, somebody bad. Somebody who has sought and found others in order to conspire and form ideas that are against that which the government run system deems appropriate or acceptable truths. Where the notion that partaking in both of these extremely good activities simultaneously is against the system, against the government or against the truth has come from is amiss. Something is not quite right. We saw it in all of those American films. That was the eighties. Now, a pathetically short 40 years later, it is used by politicians, the press , people even as an extremely derogatory term to fight anybody who does not follow that what they say is the truth as truth. They the so called conspiracists, as all who conspire and understand theories comprehend, question anything and everything. We are now at such a ridiculous stage, that career politicians, people that left education and entered politics directly are using this term against people who left education and went on to continue learning and working within the sciences to defend political explanations of a biological dilemma over the word, theories and conspired wisdom of the scientists. 

Yet again, as with our rebels and resistance fighter, the word has been misused and abused in such a way that it's definition has been shifted from positive to negative. From good to bad. How? Tell a lie often enough and people will believe you. Watch a film repeatedly, you will hear this repeatedly. Watch the news repeatedly you heard this repeatedly. You heard the lie so often that you cannot remember anything else about it hence your faith in its being true.

The second word, is much much more devious and dark. This word can have you imprisoned. This word can bring hate upon you. Not ridicule and mistrust as does the Conspiracy Theorist. But rage filled hatred and all of the horrors that accompany it. As was the former, this was formed from two different words. Neither of which were negative in any form or another. Whereas the former, CT for short, was used to ridicule, to blighten understanding, turn the lesser enlightened against those with different visions, the new title served to attack you directly. To cause you as much harm as possible. Mental, health, and especially material. The history of this word goes back a few hundred years, although it's present form and use is more definitive. It was penned, by a scholar, somebody who back then had been educated or known to be wise, to describe a united feeling the people of that country, and many other countries had against a single race of people. One group in particular pissed of so many people, in so many different countries, long before communication became that what we now see, that scholars tried to explain it and came up with a word. Sounds like a normal human reaction to me. Yet following this further, going into history of the part of our world they came from is even more striking. This race has been at war with or physically banished from more countries and regions than any other in history. Unfortunately this cannot be found on Google, as were many many things, this information was removed, the only libraries that hold so much information are guarded, access is not easy. Fortunately, I remember things that I have read. This antisocial race of people, that had earned themselves so much hatred, were not a solitary race. There were two separate groups that went by this description. Now unlike us, where our heritage based nationality like England and English defines that what we are, with these two it was a religion. One of the two was say the authentic group, stamming from an era and geographical area known to all Christians and Muslims as the holy lands. The second group however, come from somewhere completely different. They were not raised as a nation with this as their religion. It was forced upon them by their own ruler, to gain all of the capitalist advantages this other group had . The Jews. Even Shakespeare wrote of them The Merchant of Venice. The German scholar wrote the term Judenhass, hatred of the Jews. They were nomadic. Like that what we call Gypsies. They were the first bankers. Part of their religion is law. Any real Jew will be accepted, hosted and aided any way necessary, anywhere at any time by any other Jew. Only a Jew could marry a Jew . Segregation at will. This made banking as it were available at levels not known of. To borrow money from your friend in another town could take a long time. Communication, travel were both difficult and unsafe. Let alone transportation of money. The Jews were the money sharks of the world. Wether this was the authentic Hebrew or those that have been called Fake Jews on many occasions is unclear, lost at the moment to us somewhere in history. One of these groups is highly religious, holding Religion over materialism. The other is not. There are many historical plots and queries about these. Most recently, historically, Hitler's declaration of war was not against any single country or politics, neither was it a crusade to conquer the world when it began. It was a clear and definite declaration of war upon the fake Jew, with the pope's blessings. There are clear historical reasons for his actions, mostly based upon his own personal experiences and those of fellow Germans at that time. Remember the money shark. During WW1 all able bodied German men and boys were on the front. This left just women, children and the aged to run all business, homes etc . There were of course others that were there at home, not fighting. A complete race did not fight because they were conscientious objectors. Jewish. This was a long, terrible costly war. Both on the front and at home. With more than half of the nation on the front, money was scarce. At a time when women were not educated or trained in a professional manner as were the men meant that basic business like butchers, builders and such like became impossible to manage. Yes, there were all of these able bodied men around, but their religion prevented them working for the remaining German women. Times were hard, life harder. Money was needed even more so for food. Even farming suffered greatly. Enter the sharks. These sharks smelt blood and changed their stripes. Now they no longer lent money, it was a poor deal to make. They went on a shopping spree. Anything that was for sale, they bought, at ridiculously low prices. Easily done when the only buyers with money work as one. Whole businesses, family heirlooms and wealth was lost by the Germans this way. Then came the end of the great war. For me a stalemate, a draw on the bloody fields of France in those dastardly trenches. A treaty was signed, The Versaille Treaty , and everyone went home. For the German soldiers it got a lot worse. They were received in shame. Dishonoured. Through the terms of the treaty, Germany was guilty of everything and the soldiers were to blame for losing the war. If that was not bad enough, what they found when they got there was worse. Germany as a nation bankrupt. Germans as a nation needing help like accepting food at the soup kitchens.


Their homes were gone, their businesses were gone, their family savings were gone. For such an old nation this was unbelievable. The only people with money, acted it and treated those without with despondency and abhoration. That only a few years earlier these belongings, homes and businesses belonged to German families was of no consequence. A deal is a deal. To make things worse, those that signed the treaty on behalf of Germany, were also Jewish. Hence the hatred. What followed was horrible, and can never be forgotten, but for the correct reasons. 

Out of all if this came something new, Israel as a country of fixed abode for the Jewish people. Here we saw the birth of terrorism, when Palestinians took the Israeli athletes. But that is not my word.

anti-Semite. A word I hate , not for what it supposedly means, but for what it stands and does. Yet look closer, Anti, Semite. Anti is basically the opposite of something. If you're on the opposite side of a theory, a discussion you are anti whatever. This word was in great use, scholarly, but not colloquially and was never such a negative word. Semite, these were the nomadic tribes of the middle east. There were many, cities were not always the more popular, acceptable or acquirable living options. The hebrewic jews were once such a race. Hence the religion over geographically heritaged nationality. The other Jewish group came from the black sea, and were not nomadic. Never in a million years could this term be defined negatively. Yet join them together and we have anti-Semitism. A whole act of definitions, moral, financial and legal . To do what exactly? Can you say?Prevent racism? Racism is an act carried out against those of a different race or nation. It is usually a direct action, like black segregation, the Klu Klux Klan, insults and abuse directly at a person . Yet here we have this title seemingly there to defend its people against such racism. So then why is this in law, why can such actions be prosecuted? Yet racism still exists, there are legal actions that can be carried out against racists and racism in general. But nothing else like this, defining all actions, activities and suchlike that these people think are against them to be horrendous criminal acts that must be fought with the law, with hatred and much more.

After being hated for centuries upon centuries, thousands of years by so many different races and nations. Sounds like the Kettle calling the pot black. 


So here we have four different words, all of which are honourable, positive words. Yet reset, adjoined to form these two titles they become something much more sinister. What's going on in the world? Are we mad? Are there so many Madmen around? I doubt it.

These both have one thing in common. One massive industry with the brightest lights, yet the most invisible shadows, Hollywood. It is no secret, how much money from Hollywood is within the Jewish community. Just read the end titles of many a film. Look up the history of Hollywood whilst you still can. The title of Conspiracy Theory became a household title, known to all. My own mother calls me one. How did this happen? Hollywood. Hollywood. Hollywood. Repeat a lie often enough and everyone will believe it, especially in the movies where pictures paint more than a thousand words. All produced and controlled by a group of people who are the only ones on the planet with a legally bound immunity against anybody, any idea, any word any action that is against them, their beliefs, their actions or their choices. After being hated, disliked and mistrusted to the point of not just one country, city or region banishing them as an entire collective because of their actions, their choices and that what they do with their own beliefs but many, oh so many. What do I mean by what they do with their beliefs?

Racism, goya, unacceptance of each and every human being on the planet who is not of their religion. You may join their religion, but are then still classed as a second class member of their society, social racism. 

Our questions are now, is this religious? Is it political? Is it financial? Looking closely, it is most definitely not just or fair. There appears to come no good from this, other than serving the well being of a small part of the human society.

I myself am most definitely not racist. I'm multilingual, all of the relationships I have lived and loved through have been with women of a different race, nationality or colour. Even my own son believes himself to be a different nationality as I. So what am I? Mad, conscious, blind, awake, a rebel, resistant or an idiot that imagines things that are not there to be ridiculed, spited, detested, dishonoured, attacked and shamed as an anti sematic conspiracy theorist?