Celebrate, celebrations, how long have you been celebrating as ordered?

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Celebrating a Party or no? Are you really freely celebrating?

The time has come, and gone again. We have passed that which is known as the festive season once more. Once our planet has gone to the far side of the sun and made it's way back to this side again, we can do It all again. We can say merry Christmas everybody, to everyone, repeatedly. We can act jovially, generously in ways we do not regularly do, because we are feeling festive. Happy new year, finally come and gone again.

How did your new year's celebrations go? Its the year 2021 now . Did you party like it's 1999? Or were you simply living your own life, day to day, oblivious of the need to party? Are you a humbug? A party pooper or a boring old sod ?


Celebrate, celebrations, celebrity. Are these all the same? Are they important? Why do we do it? Do we have to do it? 

These could be the simple questions you ask yourself when getting a birthday invitation at work. Should you go? Buy a present? How important is this person to you? Is the birthday really worth celebrating? Is it an official celebration? The Queen of England has two birthdays even.

What is a celebration, to celebrate or a celebrity? Is there a basis within either law or religion that actually has the power to make the celebrating of something or someone actually mandatory? We know that both are being used to try and stop us celebrating. In the USA, try saying Merry Christmas, no no no! You could offend someobody who is not of a religion that follows this particular religious festival. So whilst living in a country that swears to a God, who's son is seen as the prophet and his birth celebrated during a festivity known as Christmas, to wish all a Merry Christmas, wishing that other people are happy and joyous during this particular religious festival is incorrect, it is politically incorrect. The way you celebrate has been changed by government , without using laws and the hordes follow. It could be answered that Christmas is no longer a religious festival, it's just one massive advertising spree, with Santa Claus, everything Xmas, decorations, the presents, the parties are all just more reasons to buy, buy and buy, Santa is to be seen everywhere, Christmas offers are everywhere, there's even Christmas food, things only produced and sold during Christmas, a clearer marketing program cannot be found. Is this the only celebration or is this really a celebration at all?

At this point, the question of what defines a celebration and a celebrity would be useful. A celebration I would describe as the jovial remembrance of something important. A celebrity as someone joyously followed by many whose name is hallowed. Jesus Christ, Elvis, Snoopy and Allah are  all celebrities. But does being a celebrity alone entitle you to be celebrated, should people join and party in your name, just because in these places everybody knows your name? Then there are the many different types of celebration and of course reasons we celebrate. Honestly, the human race in general, loves nothing better, than to sit around together and be happy, it is part of us, joy, happiness and laughter. We celebrate in different ways too, the alcohol consuming parties of modern times, the puritan sombre remembrance of religion, the singing and dancing of the Indian tribes, the Story telling of the Arctic and Arabic peoples, these are all ways that people celebrate. 

What do we celebrate? There are of course the religious celebrations, Xmas, Easter, Ramadan and so forth. We celebrate birthdays! How could we forget? Weddings and the following anniversaries, celebrating the fulfillment of matrimony through remembrance by honouring the day on which was wed. 

All in all, and when everything is said and done, they are all perfectly good reasons to get together and have fun are they not?

All socially, religiously and even legally recognised celebrations.

Are there any celebrations that are not within these realms? Halloween? A purely pagan celebration, a time of ghosts, ghouls, costumes and candy. Again, reaching it's peak and celebrity status amongst the world's celebrations via commerce, sales and advertising. So is it a real celebration or just an annually driven shopping spree?

It would seem that all celebrations must be socially, religiously or legally approved does it not?

One could go on to say that in this present day and age when, who and how you celebrate is controlled. You have been told when you are allowed to celebrate. You have been told how you are to celebrate. Your celebrating is under strict government or religious control. Do they really hold such a monopoly over us? 

There are then the other celebrations. Those that come from so long ago that they are a part of our ways. How about 'Good Morning' ? Am I hoping you have a good morning? Am I saying that it is a good morning? Or is it simply a morning and I feel good? How about the celebration of a new day? We celebrate the new year, but no longer the new day. Yet read religious scriptures and many speak of rejoicing the day, every single day, rejoice of life, beauty. These too are celebrations, although commerce has not deemed them such economic celebrity status has it?

How about the weekend? No school, no office, free time, family time. The Jewish do not work on the Sabbath, Saturday, the Christians have deemed Sunday as god's day. On the 7th day he did not work. acceptable to go out and have a good time on the weekend . Whole areas of our societies prepare themselves rigourously for the weekend. Yet is the weekend in itself not something odd? A year, we are told, has 365 days and 52 weeks. Each week is of 7 days. There still remains argument about which order the days take, is Sunday the first or last day of the week. Yet the number of 365 is not divisible by 7. One week of each and every year is then incomplete . The Chinese and the Jews have a completely different calender and date to the christians' 2121ad. So where did these numbers come from? Who decided what, when how or why? These numbers are after all now extremely important. Each and every celebration we have is recognised by one of these numbers.

So, by definition, celebration is having a good time with others in remembrance of something important. As long as it's done appropriately, correctly on the designated date . But what happens should you decide to celebrate disregarding these official dates and terms? As we know, the celebration of a new day has been diminished to a greeting. But what about celebrating. The act of joining others joyously in harmony? Doesn't that sound good? I mean let's face it, if everyday of our lives we were able to join up with our friends, our loved ones to be joyous in harmony, to party, partake of the joyous celebration, wouldn't the world be so much different? With so much reason to party and be happy would there be time at all to promote sadness, unhappiness, disharmony? A young man, a young woman, unknown to eachother, find themselves in a bar on a Wednesday night. They enjoy eachother's company and the joyful atmosphere of their surroundings , that they do that which is described as 'having a good time', some would call it a party others not. They have met in joyous harmony, they are having fun, is this not then celebration? Now come the authoritive replies. There is no official reason to be celebrated here, no special date. It's not even the weekend. These are just irresponsible youths drinking on a work day. Alcoholics. Party people. Sinners even. 

Where suddenly, did celebration become evil enough to be considered a sin? Since when are those lucky enough to be celebrating to be held with such disdain? Why?

Is it because they are not following the rules? We all have our birthdays do we not? With the official documents to prove so none the less. You're religions will tell you which days they deem worthy of celebration. The advertising and shopping world will tell you what to celebrate, when to celebrate, how to celebrate and of course what you must buy to celebrate appropriately in their eyes.

Yet your choice to celebrate on a different Day? Well your sports team could win the league, your country a world cup, these lesser repetitive tasks are also acceptable days of celebration, although the limits to which you may celebrate could depend on your employer, your studies, your responsibilities. 

Our young humans, meeting is in this arena devised solely for socialising and celebrating, on a Wednesday of no relative importance fall then wide of each and every accepted norm, regulation, unwritten laws, written laws even. Hence their discrimination, their immortalisation. It's as if socially they are criminalised, their futures are endangered, their irresponsible partying is bad for them, for their futures, their health and their careers. Such behaviour is bad for a family life, anti social even. The hypocrisy of it all! Being happy and partying in a place devised solely for this purpose by society and driven by commerce is frowned upon, resented, held against you because the date does not coincide with the recognised list of festive dates. Are we seeing a link here? Festive dates. School holidays, Bank Holidays, Religious Holidays, the weekend even, what happens when you work during these? Many many trades and professions do not work during these holidays. Most inexplicable are the banks. A digitally ran business of numbers, that for some strange reason tells you that on such days any money you have moving, coming into your account or leaving it, is not moving or available on these days. It is somewhere within their system, in their ownership, under their control, but not available to anybody. Then there are those that have emergency holiday prices and limited schedules. Call a plumber or find a vetinary on New year's day, the very first hurdle presented to you is the extra cost of working simply because it is an official festival day. Irrelevant of how serious your problem is, this exuberant somewhat extortionate seasonal emergency price must be met or you will have to wait for a normal working day.

Yet again these socially recognised celebrative festive dates brand their own mark upon your lives. It is most definitely not all bad, there are of course the financial advantages, holiday bonuses, extra time the notion that your time has a much higher financial value during these dates. Yet you receive no Bonus whatsoever on your birthday do you? Or your wedding anniversary. 

Is it just? Or is it something much more than that? Looking like this, it could easily be said that by form of governance, through religion, the calender, commerce and financial employment not only is the time we have to celebrate greatly controlled, restricted even, but we could also say that those powers directing society are also controling when, what, why and where we chose to celebrate. Be happy when we say so. Work to have what you need to buy from us to celebrate well and reach that happiness. 

If that is not clear to us, how about the Hippy movement of the 60s? Peace. Love. Sharing. Free love, as if love could really have a price. What does society say about them? Their dreams were of Unity, of love, of understanding. They celebrated life with music, song, colours and love on a daily basis, irrelevant of religion, date or financial standings. They were not renemberd for this were they. Calling somebody a hippy, is in many, if not most circumstances an insult. Those who deemed the young couple partying on a Wednesday night unresponsable, made very sure that we held the hippies with further, greater disdain. Dirty, long haired hippies. Sharing their love with each and every stranger they meet, not restricting it to family and god. Their partying has nothing to do with celebration because they are not celebrating the celebrities we have provided for them. They are not celebrating on the days which we have specified for them to do so. They are not following Society Guidelines, they are breaking the rules. They are wrong .

You see? The act of celebration had been criminalised should you not comply with the given regulations. 

A power is at work upon the human race. One so dark and powerful, hidden yet clear, controling when, how and if you may celebrate.

Telling you when you are allowed to be joyous in harmony with others.