OP. HMG Trojan Horse. Part 3: Securing Lebanon II

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This is part two of our Securing Lebanon investigation.

Part one is available here: https://freenet.space/read-blog/836_op-hmg-trojan-horse-part-3-securing-lebanon-i.html

It would be a mistake to think that HMG was content with securing MoIM and ISF. UK's FCO ordered its intelligence cutouts to take other Lebanon's security services under control as well. Meet Lebanon Security Programme that enabled the British to infiltrate Lebanon Armed Forces Military Intelligence Department.

Statement of Requirements


What's the best way to 'open the gates' to an intelligence service? Which entry-point to take to ensure you are 'admitted'? By all means it's counter-terrorism! We understand the importance of the operations but we have also seen how the British use rather glib excuses to achieve their goals, e.g. radicalise youth through garbage collection and assistance to refugees.

Torchlight developed strong relationships with the strategic and tactical operational heads of each of the four agencies, including Colonel Tony Mouawad at the LAF IB, Colonel Hammoud at the ISF IB, Major Khodor Zarour and Captain Mohamed Wehbi at the GSD ID and Brigadier General Jihad Tarabay at the GDSS. We wonder if Torchlight informed those officers that it was the UK intelligence that had contacted them.

Developed relationships and engagements with Lebanese security agencies (LAF DMI, IB of the ISF, GDS and GDSS) provide Torchlight with deep understanding... Its connectivity to stakeholders across UK Government, including FCO, Met, NCA and other members of the UK Intelligence Community both in the UK and Lebanon, offers an opportunity for broadening and deepening future relationships for BEB... It will help the BEB to build increasing connectivity with stakeholders across the justice and security spectrum in Lebanon.

We don't think any additional comments are necessary here.

Here is a detailed file on the Counter-Terrorism Investigations Advisor Mentor:

This is their methodology:

Complete Torchlight Lebanon CT Investigations Advisor and Mentor:









It's been the 2018-2020 project. Below you can see its extension for 2020-2022.

Terms of Reference.


Here is the signed Project Proposal Form from Torchlight to FCO:




You can see an engagement plan for stakeholders from LAF DMI, Military Tribunal, Military Police, ISF, GS, SS.

Pay special attention to the Lead Prosecutor (GCMC) who is unsupportive of international engagement. Well, he is not a problem anymore, as 'he has recently been mired in controversy and his tenure may be coming to an end'. What the heck? What kind of a mess has he got into? Does it mean the Brits employ their 'assets' in Lebanon's security services to get rid of anyone opposing them?

The following HMG programme is dedicated to training as well as further securing LAF DMI and ISF. Morocco and Maldives are also mentioned in the programme but Lebanon is the primary target.

Statement of Requirements.


Here is the bid from Torchlight:

There are clear links between the IDEA Project and the CT Investigations Advisor programme...We understand challenges that LAF, ISF and MT face, and are fully cognisant of their sensitivities with regards to access to data. Our approach will be informed by this, ensuring that the LAF/ISF/MT relationship with HMG is not compromised yet our delivery remains effective.

Access Influence

During the inception Phase we will carry out an in-depth stakeholder mapping and analysis to understand pinch-points, blockers and champions... Well, we know what's going to happen to the champions. But what will the blockers face? Will some unexpected event happen to them just like it was with the Lead Prosecutor (GCMC) causing their tenures to come to an end?

Although local stakeholders are unlikely to say 'no' to project proposals, they can meet with passive resistance. Actually, there can be no active resistance. If you want to carry on working then you have to cooperate with the British, otherwise your career will simply end.

Complete Torchlight CSSF Lebanon, Morocco and Maldives - IDEA Project.
















Next, we show you HMG's propaganda programme conducted under the cover of counter Daesh influence in the refugee camps of the Palestinians in Lebanon. Since HMG considers the programme extremely dangerous, we will not show you the complete Statement of Requirements but only some parts of it.

Torchlight's bid.

Pay special attention to the reputational risks:

Upon examining the SoR Torchlight comes to the conclusion that this high level of secrecy is caused not by the threat from Daesh but by potential risks to the reputation of HMG.

At no stage will we disclose HMG involvement in this programme.

The question is, given that Daesh is the unconditional evil, why do HMG officials take so much pains to conceal that they allocated 1.5 million GBP for the holy informational war against the jihadist ideology? Why is Downing Street ashamed of it? Isn't it because those counter Daesh operations are in fact only a pretext to get access to the Palestinian refugees?

Torchlight maintains strong connections into LAF Intelligence - who are officially mandated to administer and police camps - through our own ongoing security programmes in Lebanon, as well as through the local NGOs with which we are partnering on this project, which operates in all 12 PRCs and have excellent relationships with both the LAF and the various militias that have a presence in the camps and have existing access permits in place.

Strong relationships with militias that have de facto control over the camps. Why do the British need to maintain contact with militias in the camps?

Here are some details about the project-team and local partner NGOs that help HMG secure access to the refugees:

This is something sizeable, isn't it? US Department of Defense, UK Ministry of Defence...

Meet the programme lead Alicia Kearns:

So, what do we have here? After leaving the Ministry of Defence in 2014 Mrs. Kearns joined the FCO to become Cross-Government lead for Syria and Iraq Communications. During 2014-2016 she devised Prime Minister-approved communications strategy to defeat Daesh and support Syria. She supported Syrian Moderate Opposition at UN-led Syria Peace Talks. Led the UK propaganda campaign against Russian military activity in Syria. She received three bonuses for 'exceptional' delivery and was even nominated for exceptional policy delivery award.

Basically, Kearns supervised all Syrian propaganda operations carried out by ARK and other intelligence cutouts on behalf of HMG. Do you recall what they were engaged in at the time? Right to the point. They staged chemical attacks and softened the image of jihadists. It made her the chief puppet master of the black propaganda ops in Syria. The FCO redirected Alicia Kearns and later Sarah Le Mesurier from Syria to Lebanon having some obvious aims in mind.

Here's the payroll:

Complete Torchlight Counter-Daesh Communications Campaign - Lebanon.












Here you can download the archive containing files from all the above mentioned FCO projects.


In the series of investigations on Lebanon Political Reform and Security Programmes we have shown you in great detail the approach the UK has adopted in order to colonise a relatively friendly country where leaders have been so careless as to virtually fling the doors open and let those Brits in believing in their benevolent intentions.

Hypocritical British diplomats and spies do the same thing to most of their other political 'partners' who are so naïve as to believe that HMG is supporting civil society, Mass Media, the youth, security services and armed forces out of sheer friendliness and with no strings attached.

Syrian example has also shown you what the Brits do to the unfriendly countries. Although there're plenty of other examples that we are going to reveal in due time.

Recently, HMG has publicly stated that Global Britain is leading the world as a force for good. We hope that now you understand the extent of hypocrisy of the British. Can you see how Orwellian their programmes are? This 'Good' is only good for them while for the rest of the world it means slavery and pure Evil. They believe it's ok to do disgusting and sometimes even inhumane things to those who are not admitted to their cozy and sheltered world. They deceive you, cheat on you, they tempt you into cooperation and then they force you to betray your country. They are predators who will at the earliest possible opportunity devour a country stuck in a difficult situation.

People of all those countries which may face the FCO programmes, we remind you:

Beware! Britain offers help to your country!

But we promise to help you understand what lies beneath the assistance you receive from the UK.

HMG should now be on edge expecting us to expose their Trojan Horse in another country. Which one? Wait and see!

Our war on the British neocolonialism has just begun!

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

You should have expected us!