What are You?

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Ignorance is a Natural state of being. Until this is understood and accepted, slavery is the only option.

What are You?

It's a question you're always told to ask yourself, but never asked of you. As a child it begins, 'what do you want to be?' . You are then pushed, prodded and driven in a direction towards becoming something. Where you will have made something out of yourself. 

Or not .

Without thinking of being a person, think about it,' make something out of yourself'. This has but one definition doesn't it? Yet replacing a single word in this phrase and you will be presented with a myriad of different ideas, reasons and definitions. Make something out of wood. Make something out if this. Make something out of nothing. The instant that the person is withdrawn from the equation and replaced, everything changes. Once you have reached that prized goal and made something out of yourself, it is not always the same thing either. You may have studied hard and long to become a doctor. You may have not studied at all and joined a military force. You may have lived an unusual life, free of higher riches but grounded a healthy, loving family. There are even those that believe making something of yourself is a financial quest only reached through gathering and hording as much money and material wealth as possible. Then what? Is it the career that is important? Fight, bite, kick and crawl your way up the ladders of superiority to reach the summits of power and control? Reach levels of such knowledge that the world turns to you for explanation? See your grandchildren become themselves happy parents? You have already done as you were told, you have made something of yourself, now you're told to be better . Who are you? The child that did as was expected . The belligerent student. The respectable law abiding citizen . The doctor, soldiers, toy maker or thief. A list so long of titles and descriptions await there for you, always gathering more to it's numbers. 

Yet each and every single one does not answer the question of what you are correctly. They describe your part in society, your role in the game we call life. 

Homo Sapien, human beings, people, these you have all heard of at school, and instantly accepted as unbreakable truths then forgotten, buried deep within knowledge. The master race, kings of the world, the only intelligent life on Earth. Some will even argue that we're the only intelligent beings in the universe. Yet, why?

Where is it written? Where or how have we proven this?

Our technological and financial feats? The sizes our populae have reached? The might of our military and it's superiority over others? Looking at these options something stands out. We base our findings upon what? These definitions simply compare us to other humans, to eachother . Whereas populations go, we're not even the most numerous race on this planet, let alone the universe or space itself. More ants can be found in a single area as there are humans on the planet .

Felix, canine, homo sapien are all titles describing a living being, cats, dogs and people. Everybody with a so called modern education knows about these strange names in Latin given to all animals and plants of our world, by certain people. Is that a mark of our superiority then? If that is the truth, then why is there so much fear of snakes, spiders, sharks and other such animals or simple living beings amongst us? 

Who has a pet at home? An animal that has been tamed. Another living being that lives with you in your abode through choice or not? We have dogs and cats, how and when these animals began living so closely with us is actually unknown . Then the so called exotic pets, animals from afar kept for their beauty or as a mascot to be proud of owning. I mean really, why would anybody keep an animal that is extremely venomous or could easily kill a human, as a pet or mascot. They're not domesticated, living freely with you, as part of the family. They must be kept, held apart, in the safety of their glass solariums. Imprisoned in glass to be there for a person to see . I personally, share my life with my dogs and cats. My being but a description. Everybody has probably heard or read about these. Cats are selfish, they only eat, shit and sleep. They're vicious too. Dogs, well they're just dogs aren't they. Stupid animals that wag their tails. Some will bite you. Anybody with such animals in their lives always talk of them as part of the family, something those without this experience cannot understand. A dog, for example, will be your best friend, always by your side . A dog will protect you, your home and all you welcome into that, your family, other animals even. A dog will give everything, including his life to protect you. This they will do with, speed, brute force and teeth. Very powerful jaws full of strong , sharp teeth. They do it thoughtlessly, unselfishly, naturally. We have many laws and regulations about everything. People with a taste for power love making as many as possible. So of course we have them for our pets. Some for the safety of all of our health, theirs included, like rabies vaccination. Then we have those concerning "dangerous dogs". A dog, like any other living being, will not harm you if you treat them and their ways to live with a certain respect. This list of dangerous dogs is also somewhat strange. Those preferred by authoritive institutions, used to guard premises or control people are considered dangerous. On the other hand, my dog, who if you let her, will smother you, lick you constantly, want nothing but give and receive affection. Yet somebody may attempt to hurt me , or her, my family, another dog may "get into a fight" with her, instantly she becomes a dangerous dog, with papers to prove this. Now, if this is the case, my dog is dangerous, we keep animals that are that dangerous that they must live within a prison, and the Australian wildlife can kill you almost instantly, where then is our superiority? What is it that gives us cause to name ourselves Masters of the Universe? 

This form of superiority is to be found everywhere we, as civilised people, live. Sports, work, the Arts, our clothing, our appearance, our heritage, the way we speak, even the way we accept how a person's reaction to something is shown by his own eyes is susceptible to this notion of superiority. We have no proof of this, other than our capabilities if killing each other and animals. This belief goes further and deeper than is truly believable.

Unnatural and inhumane, what's the difference? Is not wanting to be rich , with lots of money, unnatural? There are definitely those that would say so. Is it unnatural to want your living space full of imprisoned highly dangerous animals? To have a deep dark desire to kill other people, is it unnatural or inhumane? Or does that depend on how you do it? What about paedophilia? Is it inhumane to steal people away from their own homes to make them slaves. Enforce them to live a life of suffering to do as you wish from them? Or is it unnatural? We build aeroplanes, rockets and other such amazing devices with which we can fly through the air and space. This is most definitely unnatural, without them we could never fly. We build houses, towns and cities, this is natural evolution of how we protect ourselves from the elements. We destroy all nature, kill all other living beings to do so, that must be unnatural mustn't it? These are questions never asked. These are the thoughts one must not follow. We are superior, the rest is just nature, it is not called natural, so anything we do that damages nature or the life within it, cannot be seen as unnatural. Inhumane only counts if other people are being hurt, by the wrong people. If the right people do the hurting, it's acceptable. It's war, it's progress. Already the true meaning of everything is blurred. Clear definition becomes something only available to a few. 

So , what is ignorance? Is it an insult, a title or a description? If I ignore somebody, does that make me ignorant? No, it does not. Let's look further then.

Sars 2 Covid 19 

Yes, we've now all heard about it. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, in our present lives, personal or professional, that has not been affected by this. I need not discuss it now. But the effect it has had, now that is something entirely different.

For the first time in my memory, that of my parents and grandparents, there is something with us, ready to kill us all, and the government wants to protect us. Not like during every single war this race of human beings has had with itself. This is a virus, a biological entity, out there to get us all. To be biological is to be natural is it not? Nature is attacking the human race . This is not the effect that it has caused amongst the population of human beings on this planet. Remember, this biological being only attacks human beings . To start simply and not bother with all the facts, the notion, the theory, that this is natural is divided, questioned. We have believers, and non believers. Did it evolve naturally, or was it unnaturally man made? What this has done is separate human beings in a way nobody or nothing has ever achieved. Worldwide is the same story, it is a natural virus that is extremely dangerous, the only way we can survive is by taking a vaccine, and in the opposite side we have the theories of an unnatural virus, something made by man, that somehow escaped to a plandemic where no virus exists whatsoever. That 'those in control' have made the common cold illegal and wish to kill as many of us as possible to protect their own riches and powers. Our very own intelligence is being questioned. Not whether you can read or not, not how good a job you did making something of yourself. The intelligence to accept and follow that which you are being told. People, facts, history even is being censored by those in control . The very same beings that are telling you about the imminent danger and offering the ultimate weapon of defence, are stopping you, preventing you, forbidding you even to question this knowledge. Any information whatsoever, scientifically proven or not, that goes against this version is hidden, removed, attacked, silenced. Those sharing such information are hunted, ridiculed and even, silenced. We no longer speak of knowledge or wisdom. Look at the facts, these are our figures. We make the rules, we own and control that upon which all of our combined knowledge and wisdom has been stored. That which we show you, that which we allow you to see is the truth. Everything else is just a theory, from those madmen, the conspiracy theorists, it's unnatural. To do that which these conspiracy theorists say would be unnatural, inhumane. We are definitely neither, are we? Yet to say yes, yes you are, would see you bannished to the far side. The wrong side. The unnatural side. Suddenly, as a human being, a naturally evolved species upon the planet earth, a plant full of millions of other natural species, you are in danger of becoming classed as unnatural, should you not show the correct intelligence . Intelligence itself has been divided into natural and unnatural. 

Yet for all of this bravado, the violence, death, life and everything what are you being threatened with should you not comply?

Take the vaccine, get the Health Vaccination ID to remain a natural member of society. Failure to do so and you will not be allowed to work, you will not be able to use our medical systems, our financial systems and you will most definitely not be allowed to travel.. Enough to scare most to death, and it is. Suicides are increasing, the pure stress of it all is accelerating the demise of those with poor health conditions. The financial failure of it all is causing just as much harm . 

All one must do to return to " normality" is accept one theory above the rest and take the medicine. There is no choice available. Everything but yes will kill you, your family and friends .

Really? Let's take a closer look at these threats shall we?

Travel will be forbidden. You cannot do it . I see?

You have legs don't you? If not a wheelchair maybe. You can move your own body in any direction you wish to can you not.

? You are traveling, the most natural attribution your legs have . They move and you travel. Nature may hinder the distance you go, a stream,river or mountain may block your path. These we overcome using a natural gift of intelligence through ingenuity. Building a bridge, a boat or find the way that passes through, over or around the mountain. All extremely natural. This is not their threat though, is it? Humans, through their intelligence, have devised a way of drawing the entire world, and then proceeded to cut it up into pieces. We have continents, then countries, then regions, then cities, towns and villages, all divided into blocks, streets or districts. Each and every single one of these is divided, and kept separate by a line. A line you very rarely see. A line which is fought over, lines which have been paid for through death of millions of human beings, and maybe a million times that number of other living beings. After all, we naturally kill everything to build our own natural habitats. So why would we be any more caring, natural or humane whilst carrying out something extremely unnatural and inhumane as war? These are called Boundaries. State lines. Borders. We have given these unnatural man made divisions many titles. It is these man made lines that we are being told that you may no longer cross in order to travel. What a natural reaction to a natural threat. 

You will not be permitted to work. Work or enter employment? I would be unbeatably happy living in my own little home, working on my land, sea or river , with these other living beings in order to live, not survive that is something entirely different. Producing that which my family needs to live comfortably. Whereas we live in an age of employment. What are you? What do you want to be? Were all questions of employment were they not? But that's just working isn't it? I clean my home, I work every day with different tools to have a clean home. I cook every day, spending time and effort using different tools to provide myself with food. This is also work. Work hard at school to study well. Employment, that is when you do something, normally something that is not naturally found within your home, for another person,in return for payment. He needs something done, you do it, he pays you. Nothing more, nothing less. So you will not be allowed to clean? Cook, learn hard? No, that is not the threat. You will not be allowed to work for the guy who needs something done for which he will pay you. You are not allowed to be payed . The unnatural act of receiving this money for using your own time and energy in order to fulfill the desires or needs of another is being forbidden. The unnatural is being forbidden.

You cannot use our medical or financial services. Let's keep them together for simplicity. You are not allowed to be employed, so earning this money needed to use their financial system is going to be impossible. So your use of this unnatural product called money, where our civilisation has managed to put a price on everything, including life and death, will not be available to you. The unnatural will be forbidden.

Medicines, health authorities and hospitals . Honestly, life is beautiful. In all of it's forms. There is but one inevitable factor about it. One thing that no matter how far, how hard you search, it is always there, waiting patiently. Death. The most natural act of life is to die. Why else would we have natural deaths and unnatural deaths . This health system has not really been around very long has it? A mere hundred years or so. In that time, what has it done? A broken leg, a tooth infection ,a cut , these may no longer kill you. Is that new? All knowledge of past cures and treatments have disappeared. How can we tell? How many diseases and illnesses have disappeared, been defeated since they began their health system? The black death? No that's still around. Measles, Polio, pox? No they're still around, just not where we live. The Indians, the Aborigines, did they have such deadly illnesses that spread amongst them? None that I have found. Our industrial invention of cities, a mass of beings living, eating, sleeping and shitting close to one another, now they certainly stirred the bucket of biological viruses didn't they. We built the Ideal environment for many a virus to grow and flourish, our lack of knowledge about hygiene allowed these viruses to spread easily amongst us. Nature found a way to naturally spread in the unnatural areas of a city. We then travelled far, taking these invisible viruses with us. What about the modern illnesses that plague us then? Heart diseases, not a biological infection with a virus, but a poor health condition due to nutrition and fitness. HIV, Epilepsy, Autism, Cancer . There is absolutely nothing to be found within our written history that shows these existed before our health systems evolved. There were definitely cases of something to which the humans simply classified as madness. But on a very limited scale, this was not a common happening. One of my favourites, glucose intolerance. Where the hell did that come from? Every single food you eat will effect the body uncomfortably if you abuse it by eating too much, eating too quickly, eating it incorrectly, mixing it with the wrong spices, storing it incorrectly. Pork is forbidden to the Muslims, makes a lot if sense. Store pork meat the wrong way eating it will make you very ill, it can kill you . Blowfish. Snakes. We are after all omnivores. We eat everything. What about mushrooms . Glucose intolerance, we are allergic or suffer extreme reactions to glucose, glucose found in prepared food products like bread. An allergy against something found in its unnatural state when we eat it. So true, these medical professionals have done a great deal to help us survive more, live longer and healthier lives, but is all they do natural? The unnatural rise in these other diseases over the past century, especially the last 20 years. What does that mean? If we do not accept the vaccine these groups want us to take, so what is a vaccine? A medically caused infection that causes the human body to develop a system of defending itself against other natural diseases. First discovered in England, during the pox outbreaks. Those that had suffered from the much less lethal cow pox did not catch or die from the small pox. So a person was unnaturally inflected with cow pox to defend them against the lethal small pox. The unnatural beating the natural. These new vaccines. We are in that era where our intelligence is being used, divided and played upon. Knowledge that has existed for many years has suddenly disappeared, has been forbidden, we are being told that this old knowledge was simply wrong. No explanation. Here we have a cocktail of different ingredients, mixed up in record breaking time, to fight a virus over which we argue wether it is natural or not or even exists . The list of ingredients is daunting. There are things in there that we know damn well are extremely poisonous, bad for us, deadly . We would never naturally eat them, let alone unnaturally inject them into our own bodies. Yet to prove our intelligence, to be worthy of joining society, we must take them. We must accept the unnatural and naturally take these poisonous substances to remain part of a natural society. 

Not Very convincing is it . 

Not very clear at all is it?

In fact it is all extremely confusing. 

Who do you believe, who do you trust?

So what happened to what you are? 

Even more confused? Something is missing or is there too much to understand? Is the government doing it's best to save you, or is government something else all together?Is this new wonder drug, the new vaccine here to save you, or not? Is this medical system really saving life as we know it, or simply making itself new customers and raking in as much money as possible because the owners have made something out of themselves?

The questions, the answers! Where to begin! Where to stop!

Why? Why begin?

Ignorance, remember, what is it?

It is really a very simple word. It has one meaning, a solitary definition. 

" A lack of knowledge "

It doesn't say that you do not understand something. It is not saying that you are stupid or unintelligent . It is not insulting you in any way whatsoever. 

Yet look at our society, call someone ignorant and it is the worst insult imaginable.

Why? Be honest, ignorance is completely and utterly natural. Every human being, every sapient being upon this planet begins life with a good amount of ignorance. They have yet to learn. It is as inevitable as death . Without ignorance you cannot learn.

And here we are, a divided, pained, scared human race. The thing dividing us a virus of biological form. The wedges being driven between us are of intelligence. Even those of knowledge and wisdom in the field of biology and medicine are being attacked for not showing the same intelligence. Accept our version of the truth, comply, or suffer the consequences . Knowledge and wisdom have been removed from the game, they have been outlawed, they are now bad for you, if they do not comply with, support and accept the official intelligence . 

Do not accept or follow knowledge and wisdom, we have that. Be intelligent and follow our intelligence or we will forbid you from using our unnatural services and products, denying you natural access to our unnatural lifestyles. 

Do what we say or you can't use our money. Without our Money you cannot be part of our society. Naturally. 

Is this natural? Is it humane?

Without knowledge there is but ignorance. Ignorantly complying to those in authority, no matter what the outcome was exactly the only option slaves had to survive , not live happily, but not to be killed. 

Understanding yourself is what you need in order to make something out of yourself. To make you what you are. Knowledge will show you what you are, starting with homo sapiens, simply another animal on this planet. And as is nature, and all natural ways, our lives begin with birth , we begin living with ignorance, we learn and we die . Every other event in our lives comes from choices, reactions and interactions. None are guaranteed .

We start off ignorant, we learn a great deal, when the time has come for us to die, we have amassed great knowledge. But, we will never know everything. We will always die, as we were born, with ignorance. It is a natural part of what we are.

It is that with which we are now being attacked, it is that which we are being told is unnatural, wrong, bad. By those very same people that hide information and knowledge from us . From those that are telling us to trust our intelligence, not our wisdom. By those very same beings that are gambling upon us being infinitely ignorant to reach their own goals of making something out of themselves. 

Knowledge is but a gathered amount of wisdom. You have found something, learnt about it, and remembered it to form a sparkling of wisdom. Gather enough and you have knowledge. Learn about yourself, what wisdoms you learnt, which knowledge you have achieved and with this, make something out of yourself.

Without knowledge, making something out of yourself is impossible. Accepting a path that leads you on your way through life with nothing but intelligence, without knowledge will bring you nothing but ignorance. 

Do you really think that your life, your natural life as a homo sapien, with it's natural birth, ignorance, learning and death should be governed and controlled by the unnatural way of money, of medicines and controlled intelligence, there where knowledge is forbidden?

Accepting this path, repenting all acquired wisdom and knowledge, to decide which intelligence you are following, in order to have access to something completely unnatural, leaves you but one solitary choice more than the slaves had. 

You get to choose to join the chain gang or not.

Because without accepting the most basic part of your nature, what are you, a homo sapien, I will be born, I will begin with ignorance, I will learn, I will die, and when I die I will still be ignorant, your life will not be complete, you can never truly understand knowledge,wisdom and ignorance. 

You will be a slave of intelligence.

Exactly What This State Demands.