Is This The End? Have you read the end titles?

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Is there a plan to destroy the world as we know it, not hidden,but hung out clearly for all to see?

‌This Is The End!  

‌To become a US president anything goes. You do not even have to campaign. It can be bought.

‌ The Spanish President, fraudulently accused the former prime minister of corruption, only for it then to be proven that it was his own party that was corrupt. So to keep power and the majority vote he broke every single promise he made numerous times on live TV, he joined up with the communist party and the political party belonging to ETA, an internationally criminalised Spanish terrorist organisation. He has even given parliamentary seats to convicted terrorists who still have ongoing criminal sentences.

‌ In Canada, a member of the extremely corrupt Rothschild family sits as Prime Minister.

‌In the UK some buffoon who's education was , specialising on Greek mythology, imaginary monsters from thousands of years ago. 

‌In Germany the Iron Witch, fighting to fill Europe with Arab terrorists and Shi'te regions of civil unlawlessness.

‌Each of these countries destroyed by the official covid19 reactions.

‌ Each with an extremely sick paedophile organisation. 

‌Each with police violence. Unexplainable drug problems. I say unexplainable because try sending something through the post that is not allowed, bring something on a flight or in your car, then imagine multiplying that amount by a thousand and constantly repeat it. Without getting caught. So who is protecting the opium fields?

‌Yet the Chinese are the enemy, the Koreans are the enemy, the Afghans are the enemy, our own citizens that do not follow the ruling party are the enemy.

‌We could fight back. We could hack. We could abandon all use of cash. 

‌Or we could unite. A single Idea, a political Party without a party. By the vote of the people. If that vote has any more value.

‌The American Democratic Party have just shown the entire world that the people's vote is of no importance whatsoever. It has now been shown to the world that they have done the same in numerous countries around the world. Governments have been toppled, Leaders murdered, natural resources plundered, all in the name of DEMOCRACY, BOUGHT TO YOU BY THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

‌Renember the Terminator movies? How many other Hollywood movies past are mirroring that what is now happening? Why are we being bombarded with Zombie movies and media at the very same instance that these people are trying to make us take a DNA CHANGING DRUG BY LAW?

‌How often did they make for us films depicting a world wherein there are two classes of human being? A rich, wealthy,protected, clean Elite, and an impoverished, unhealthy, outlawed population?

‌These may only be films, moving pictures of something, somebody, somewhere gave the title of FICTION. Your dreams are fictional, say the same people, unless you are reaching for your dreams. If these dreams include financial success they are worthy of acceptance and unlike fiction, can be reached. Such hipocrysy! If you dream of getting rich and richer it is possible, don't let go, fight for that dream! You're dream is of freedom, world peace, an end to financial tyranny, no wars or any other unselfish notion, then it is pure fantasy, very dangerous, outlawed even. Does that make sense st all?

‌Only if you have read the Bible, or other religious scriptures that envisage Good versus Evil .

‌The human being, one could say is an Ace in the pack of playing cards called Nature. We have opposing thumbs enabling use of our hands that no other animal has. We are definitely not the only intelligent animal on this planet. Given history tells us that we have existed for a hundred thousand years or so. Published historical facts say since maybe 10,000BC. Yet science says we evolved from apes, that somehow evolved from a creature that crawled out of the water, after of course evolving from an amoeba, a single celled life form. There is not even any clear unarguable definition of whence we came. Others say from Space, alien races. What is alien? Something not from this place, planet, land, country, town or street, all can be used to define alien. 

‌ This all highlights one aspect of the human being that is both chastesised and praised simultaneously, but only if you have been accepted by the correct group, imagination.

‌Stop daydreaming! It's just your imagination! What are you dreaming about? These we've all heard. . Yet what is invention if nothing but imagination? An author, does he not simply let his imagination flow on paper? A songwriter and musician too? If it brings you financial success it is accepted. . Financial success, somewhere, somehow, many people will spend their money to acquire a copy of the dream you have visualised and put on paper. So long as those powerful enough have let you pen that dream and made it available to purchase. Our dreams and imagination are that what makes us believe to be kings of nature. There are other animals who's feats beat us easily, we are by far not the fastest, or the strongest. We do not even have the longest life spans. Naturally we cannot fly, on the water we are very vulnerable and limited. We can build things yes, but so can beavers and termites and bees. Even ants seem to be better organised and free than us . We have made tools. But not the only animals known to do so. If we accept that what natural history and archaeology say, animals wanderer everywhere before us . So our colonisation is not even a first. Our thirst for war, for power, for control, for material wealth and ownership, now that is unique only to us. We are constantly inventing new ways to kill each other. New weapons, new drugs, more poverty, hatred fuelled religious racism, the list goes on and on and on and on. Try for one day to list as many different weapons as you can, you won't finish. You will not even make a dent in the historical catalogue of weapons invented by the human race. Such imaginative skills! Now try and think of something else invented by humans that has such a far reaching and extensive selection within it's catalogue. 

‌Hard isn't it?

‌Our imagination and dreams are vitally important to the understanding of what a human being is. Where else do we get psychiatry from? Brainwashing? Mind control? The word Government stems from ancient Greek, meaning mind control. From your very first words onwards, the importance of your intelligence is being hammered down upon you. School, school, school! Yet upon reaching the socially accepted age of maturity, dreams are suddenly treated differently, shamed even .

‌Is that not strange?

‌What is learning? You see something, you copy it, you copy it well enough or enough times until you can do whatever it is that you were copying without looking at the original. You have learnt. Count to a Hundred, learn the alphabet, here you have shown cognitive learning skills, remembering the exact order of something. Your imagination and intelligence combine, you remember the answers. Later, you learn to write a story, draw pictures all the way up to composing your very own thesis. Your imagination drives your intelligence.

‌We, Humans, we can Remember. We can Imagine. 

‌So let us take a look at all of those moving pictures, films, the movies shall we.

‌A favourite film! A blockbuster! We will watch this many times over. We will buy merchandise for it. Form societies and religions based upon the ideas of these stories, all of which are bought to us upon The Silver Screen. Why the Silver Screen when it is and always was clearly White? Anything that touches our imagination, awakens our intelligence. Watching a film is the epitaph of imagination, it sets our own imagination on fire. Now closely followed by The Video Game. We remember, always. 

‌So what happens when we see all of these movies of zombies, world destruction, the mighty, clean, elite rich above the dirty, forlorn, impoverished people? We remember . 

‌Deja vu . You have the strange feeling of already having been here. Remembering without remembering? Or is it your intelligence knocking on the door saying LOOK!?

‌A new disease is going to kill us all! We have the wonder drug! Take our drug and join us or become social outcasts. Dirty, unhealthy , inflected beings. We won't give you employment, you will not have our money, you will not see our doctors, you will be a danger to our society, you will be the enemy. Just as all of those films have already shown us . Isn't that nice?

‌Science fiction, these very same imaginative stories, but of space and scientific discoveries. Back to the Future, Star Trek, Star Wars, Terminator . How often has the question been asked? Did that invention come from science fiction? Strange connection or not? One imagination leading another imagination to intelligently invent something .

‌And so what? That's normal.

‌Yes it is, we are easily influenced . See food on the table, you're suddenly hungrier, see a drink, thirsty? Fashion, music, books, movies all influence your imagination. Which in turn drives your intelligence .

‌It has been accepted that Zombies can possibly exhist. Look it up, Zombie Apocalypse Survival.

‌The Government is now trying it's hardest to make us take a new drug. One that changes your DNA. Changes what type of card you are in the pack of playing cards called Nature .

‌The government is fighting hard to bring out their Health Identification Process. If you have it we will employ you, give you access to Money and everything we do with money. 

‌If you do not, you will be bannished, outlawed, imprisoned even.

‌You will have no money, no work no doctors. We will decide whether you are healthy or not . 

‌What about food? It is now nearly all produced by the Corporation, it serves Profit, money. How will you get it without society and money? Grow it, raise cattle.



‌All land is under ownership, bought and paid for with money, protected by those governing society.

‌Animals, cows, sheep, chickens? None exist freely in Nature, Progress saw to this . Cities ate the land. Commerce took the farms. Money bought and privatised the rest.

‌How will those who refuse, those who resist, The Resistance, The Rebels, The Outcasts, The Unclean then survive? They will get food, taking it if necessary from the corporation . Stealing is what money will say.

‌This is already being spoken of by the government Yet the population is unaware, asleep, ignorant even Why?

‌They have seen it before. It is not new . Their memories serve them right. It was in the movies. The movies tell the future. The movies are only movies, fiction, dreams and stories, it's all make believe. It will never happen to me.

‌But now we have the new Silver Screen. One you can play an active role in. You are now the star in the film. The Video Game.

‌Look at every single zombie production. Zombies are dangerous and must be avoided or killed. Now you can kill them yourself!

‌What do Zombies do? They wander, search and attack. They were once Humans, but are now infected. They seek food at all times. Doing everything possible to get it . Kill them or die a horrible death.

‌What does that great Silver Screen tell us they want yo eat? 


‌Your Brain!

‌So here we face the dilemma of apocalyptic proportions.

‌Clear proposals and plans to divide the human based upon who takes a medicine that will change their natural being.

‌Clear government plans to withhold society and it's belongings to those who do not.

‌A premeditated and well practiced Idea that unclean, infectious human beings will try everything to get food.

‌Your Brain.

‌Or is it your intelligence, your imagination? The brain is but a mass of tissue. It's what you do with it, with your imagination that is important.

‌A complete set of generations ready to defend and kill the zombie, unclean, healthy outcasts.

‌But what if the zombies were those that were kept within society? Drugged, raised and paid to keep those resisting, The Resistances, The Rebels out? 

‌It would not be the first time that the movies, the media and the government has reversed history or the truth to show the population that government is right, government is correct, government is good.

‌We have fake news.

‌We have Misinformation.

‌We have censorship of knowledge.

‌We have the outcasts of knowledge, Conspiracy Theorists.

‌We, the resistance, are rebelling against the government and societal system, we are fighting to awaken our fellow humans. To awaken their intelligence and imagination. To free them of money's mind control.

‌Yes, it has already begun.

‌There already exist those socially outlawed who are after your brain. But as is the way of good old government, the truth has been distorted, reversed. 

‌We do not want to eat your brains. We want to see you use your imagination and intelligence. To set it free. It is so tightly trapped within a society controlled by money, that even your natural gift of imagination is being hampered, attacked and controlled. Encased in a box of toxic wool called money, slowly eroding all that is free, all that is natural, all that us human. They are already eating your brains and like the good politicians they are, shifting the blame, the fault onto those who stand against them. Those who oppose them. The Resistance. The Rebels.

‌Legal criminalisation if these rebels has long begun.

‌Covid now brings us the social outcasting of these rebels. The non believers of the wonder drug, non believers of the health theory, the dangerously infectious who wear no mask.The unclean who must be avoided!

‌Just wait until money starts ti tighten it's grip. When the food shortages begin. These will not be due to an apocalyptic disaster and shortage of food, but the withholding of food from one entire part of society by order of money.